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What cookies are 
Cookies are small text files sent directly from the web sites visited by the user to the user’s terminal, where they are stored to be then sent back to the site of origin the next time the same user visits it.  Cookies are used for several purposes, have different characteristics and can be used by both the owner of the site being visited and third parties.  Please find below all necessary information on the cookies installed through this site and the instructions on how to manage your cookie preferences. 
For additional information on cookies and their function, please visit an informational Website such as
Cookies used by this website
The use of cookies by the owner of this site, the Selectiva Spa Company, with registered office in S.S. n. 10 Per Genova, km 98, 15122 Alessandria (AL), falls within the scope of the company’s own Privacy Policy; to view the information required by art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, please click here.
Technical cookies, for which consent is not required:
Cookies associated with activities that are necessary for the operation of the web site and the provision of services: session cookies.
Cookies associated with the storing of user preferences and optimal navigation: not present on the website.
Analytics cookies used directly by the site manager to collect information in aggregated form: not present on the website.
No consent to technical cookies is required, so they are installed automatically when the user gains access to the site.
Cookies for which consent is required:
All cookies other that those mentioned above are installed or activated only if the user has given prior explicit consent thereto the first time they visit the site. Consent can be expressed in broad terms , by interacting with the short privacy notice banner placed in the landing page, according to the instructions on the banner ( by clicking  on the OK or X button;  or by continuing to browse, including in scroll mode, or clicking on a link); or, consent can also be given or denied selectively, as explained below.  Such consent shall be tracked on subsequent visits. However, users can withdraw their consent, fully or in part, at any time.
Third-party cookies:
This site makes use of third-party cookies too. Information thereon and a link to the privacy policy and consent form for each of these third parties are shown below. In all cases, consent can be expressed also by continuing to browse or by closing this window.
Behavioural advertising cookies:
These are used to display ads based on the interest shown by the user through their browsing (OBA).
The name of third parties managing such cookies and the link to the page containing information on data processing and consent for each of them are shown below.
Tag pixel (Facebook)
The conversion tracking pixel tool creates a JavaScript code to add to the website. This code inserts a nearly invisible 1x1 pixel image on the website that sends a message to Facebook when someone visits the site or runs an action. When a person loads a page, the code informs Facebook that a conversion has been made. Facebook compares the conversion event with the group of people who viewed and / or clicked on the ad, allowing the website ‘s owner to provide the site with useful information to determine the return of advertising investment. Conversion tracking also helps to show ads to people who may be converting to Facebook. More information can be found at
Analytics cookies:
These are used by third parties, including in disaggregated form, to manage statistical data.
The name of third parties managing such cookies and the link to the page containing information on data processing and consent for each of them are shown below.
Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics exclusively for statistical purposes. The cookies in question collect information in aggregate form in order to monitor and analyze access to the pages of the site. The information generated by the cookie about the use of the website is communicated to Google Inc. For more details and to disable the rescue, please visit the website
Remember, you can manage your cookie preferences also through your browser settings.
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10th  July 2018